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1.Zong free internet code

the free Zong internet proxy or website that offers Zong offers as free, Zong offers 1GB free internet to their customers.

  • Go to the play store
  • search my Zong app and install it.
  • Register your number.
  • You will use 1GB of internet within 5 minutes.
  • Restart your mobile and enjoy.





Now its Done connect to internet as you many as you have free whatsapp Mbs it will work when your mbs got finished then again dial above whatsapp code and enjoy it unlimited make sure that never tick any other free severer , port should be 80, in some cases or in some some areas speed slow down wait for  sometime and connect again again it will be boost up you can also download it this method not works on 2g its only for 3G and 4G keep in mind that web tunnel also available on play store but i have used that one that crashed down after every 5 minutes its best download from google that is trustworthy



3.Zong Free internet Trick 2019

  • Download UC handler.
  • Setting for Uc handler:
  • Real proxy
  • Type: Http
  • Real proxy server: Port:80
  • Now download Yoga VPN
  • And connect with a default setting.
  • Once connected, Now enjoy free Zong internet.
  • Zong free internet with Youtube:
  • Download screen Recorder.
  • Start recording
  • Go to Youtube.
  • Watch as many videos as u wish.
  • Your all videos will record and save your storage.
  • Now you can play them anytime without internet.

Zong is the fastest and finest growing 4G network of Pakistan. The 4G coverage extends to above 100 cities in Pakistan and this is increasing day by day. Zong introduced internet packages for prepaid and postpaid customers.



4.Zong Free Internet Trick 

  1. First of all, Download UC Browser.
  2. Now go to Settings
  3. Open Access Points
  4. Create a new Access Point
  5. APN: zonginternet
  6. Proxy:
  7. Port: 80
  8. Now go to UC Browser, and Use 4G Zong Free Internet Trick 2018. Youtube Streaming is also free. Enjoy.

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5.Zong offers free facebook

Facebook and Zong are in partnership so they introduce an exciting offer. Make a new account on facebook using Zong number and use free facebook. For this you have to follow some terms and conditions:

Firstly make a new account on Zong number.

Picture viewing mode is also free on this facebook account.

You can also use free facebook messenger on 4G SIM. You can chat and share pictures, videos with your family and friends. The chat feature is completely free. Picture sharing is also free.




6.my zong

My Zong App is a One-Stop Destination for Managing your Zong Account, Checking remaining free resources, Activate/Deactivate bundles or Packages, Check internet History Details, Recharge Your Account, Get Recommendations for Internet Bundles, Entertainment & much more.
Now you can login up to 5 numbers simultaneously with simple steps.
With My Zong App, Prepaid, postpaid, MBB & Internet SIM customers can avail following features in 3 languages: English, Urdu and in Chinese.

Manage Your Zong Account
View Ownership Details of SIM
Postpaid Customers can now check detailed Ebill of last 3 months.
Check Current Balance & Its Expiry Date
Active Package Plan & Promotions Information for both postpaid and prepaid
Manage your MBB device & activate MBB bundles directly from MY ZONG APP
Activate Internet SIMs bundle
View Internet Usage
View Call & SMS brief history details.
Data Manager for Recommendation of Data Bundles Based On Usage
Activate or Deactivate Zong Promotions/Packages/VAS
Recharge Your Account through scratch card or Recharge online
Become Zong User
Games & Apps
Find Us
Reconnection campaign Check
Book 4G Devices
Zong CSC & Franchise Addresses Map
Zong Helpline Details
PayMax agents search
Zong Social Media (Facebook, Twitter & Chat)

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