Top 40+ make-up tips for beginners 2018

make-up application might seem simple enough, but with all of the different fishiness, texture And shads of product its can be daunting. Blow are some simple make-up Do’s and Don’t for make-up beginners.


Use professional makeup brushes, you will be surprised at the effect they make.
Do clean Brushes regularly.
Apply concealer in V (Shape) and place with powder.
Apply eyeliner close of the lash line as possible.
Do outline you lips using small strokes.
Use eye-shadows primer.
Take your make-up of every night.
Do curl lashes before mascara.
fill the sparse area of eye-brows.
Shad your eyes, not coloring them.
Always use gel or pencil for natural definition.
Wear lipsticks to add color.
always wear foundation, it’s look natural.
Use warm toned crease color.
Always use branded face-wash to remove Make-up.
Use 1-2 shades darker then hair color.
find the right foundation shades, type for skin.
Always Apply blush on apple of cheeks.
Moisturize your skin (it’s important)
Highlight cheeks, cupids and nose with high points.
Set foundation with setting powder



Apply make-up with fingers and cheap applicators.
Than you have to pay a lot of money to get quality products, More money dose not equal better quality.
Don’t apply foundation on bare skin.
Don’t Use concealer that’s to dark & to light, like your foundation, it’s need to match your skin tone.
Don’t use make-up products not right for your skin.
Don’t match foundation with your neck.
Don’s use foundation powder to set make-up.
Don’t go over-board withe the shimmer and glitters. it’s all about a better balance. Use glitters, shimmer and matte eye shadows when putting on your make-up.
Don’t apply concealer only on problem spots.
Don’t use warm toned bronze.
Skip on skin care. you need good base before apply make-up.
Don’t forget to blend and do forego mascara.
Don’t high light apples of cheeks if you have large pores.
Don’t keep dirty brushes, Get new ones.
Don’t create fake looking eye-brows.
Don’t blend blush blow the apple of cheeks.
Don’t choose to harsh of shades.
Don’t use Black eye-brows products.
Don’t sleep in your make-up.
Don’t drag eyeliner down.
Don’t drag eyeliner in one harsh line.
Don’t use harsh liquid eyeliner.

Practice and enjoy

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