Top 10 Free Online Earning Apps for Android and iPhone Users


These are some free mobile balance earning apps in Pakistan which works for sure. All you need is the dedication and spare time which you can get if you don’t waste it on Facebook and any other social media sites. Make sure that you are not using your private email address because some apps may compromise on your phone security.



Slideshows you ads/news articles of your choice (asked when setting up) on your lock screen. As shown in the picture above you can either read those articles or unlock your screen to earn credit.

You can also invite friends to use the app which gets you more credit, only if they join.

There is one limit though, you can’t recharge your phone until you make at least Rs. 50 in the app via the ads/articles.

It requires your phone number and email address while setting up and will send you a confirmation code via SMS while registering.



Whaff Rewards

Prizes rain to this website is the most popular today. If the application for review if you want to earn some good money every month. If there are several applications that allow compensation to view and install other apps, but their compensation is less than Whaff Rewards.
This application is actually promoting the upcoming applications. So you are asked to install new applications. Against him, the application can be said to have permanent use of a few days, but the work is compensated. After installing “Whaff Rewards” app you can also make money by introducing him to her friends. This app is free and available for both iPhone and Android users.
After installing this application you have to log in with your Facebook account. When your earnings reach ten dollars, you are able to draw it. They can either put money in your PayPal account or by Amazon, Facebook, Xbox, PlayStation or on Google Play Gift Cards.



reward base

reward base is another app for free data/credit recharge. You can invite friends for earning extra credit, just like slide and you can complete simple tasks like leveling a character in a game (you’ll need to install then play the game), watching videos, completing surveys or registering on websites recommended by the app to get credit.




This application is included in the list of entertainment at the store. How do I say when it will be another list you given money just to see videos? The application is also promoting the upcoming applications that you would not have even heard the name.
The promotional trailers shown are in a new application. These new apps through these trailers actually are told there are new features. Also, watch videos if you meet the points that you use the demo version of an app.
After collecting enough of these points can be converted into cash or PayPal can be achieved in other online stores Gift Vouchers. In addition, it is also present in the referral system, and install it to your friends to introduce this app, the App Store directly to tell them your link so that you get points.

This application is available for Android and iOS, both platforms



Top TopUP: Send Free Recharge

Another app for earning free credits, Top Topup (previously known as Recharge Me) is different in that it lets you send credit to your contacts as well. You can earn credits by either watching videos or by completing offers (app installs, surveys etc.).

Balance sharing is nothing new but recently it hasn’t been at the forefront of advertisements by mobile operators. Some of us don’t know how to share your prepaid account balance with their contacts which makes this app handy.


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