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Outfolded Best iPad Puzzle Games

Puzzle games can be wildly difficult and intensely frustrating, but some people, puzzles are therapeutic. For those people, Out folded is their game. In fact, the games developer, 3 Sprockets, want’s to make the game as relaxing and enjoyable, but still challenging, as possible. Upon opening the app, your presented with three statements – Slow down, Relax, Take your time. Out folded is an endless puzzle game, so you can play for as long as you like, or as long as you’re capable. Soft music and harmonic tones for each move accompany you through each level, and if you get stuck, you have unlimited undo. It’s an all around great experience


2. Candy Crush Saga

Don’t let the bright colours and Candy land art style fool you; there’s a reason that Candy Crush isn’t just a simple matching game, but one of the most talked-about mobile games ever. In addition, links to your desktop PC means you’re never far away from this addictive little puzzle.



realMyst Best iPad Puzzle Games

This game goes old school and does well in doing so. One of the most popular games for Windows, Myst, has found a new foothold in the mobile world. There are a few fan made renditions of the game already in the App Store, but this unfettered version of Myst brings real-time, free roam capabilities to the iPad – this is real Myst.

realMyst has a cryptic story about brotherhood and a complex island in its core. It is a point-and-click adventure full of puzzles. This is the kind of puzzle game that will keep you glued to your iPad for hours, even if this is not your first time at the helm of this famous game, with its iconic music score and the daunting puzzles.


4. Flow Free

A perfect example of a “simple to learn, difficult to master” game, Flow Free is a simple game of connecting dots without crossing lines that gradually becomes a true test. A great puzzle game for visual problem solvers or anyone who works better with problems they can see.



Six! Best iPad Puzzle Games

Six is a puzzle game that reminds me a lot of the ever-famous Titres. You have blocks of random shapes and sizes that all fit together like a Titres puzzle, but instead of stacking them, your goal is to make them disappear. Do this without allowing the hexagon on top (hence the name “Six”) to roll off, and without having the whole tower topple. When you watch the preview video you’ll likely say “Well that’s easy.” but I promise you are mistaken. This game quickly becomes challenging and requires some quick wit to be successful.


6.The Room 3

The Room 3 Best iPad Puzzle Games

Do you like both escape games and puzzle games? The Room 3 is a puzzle-based escape game with a heavy focus on graphics. In this game, you use an innovative control system to navigate a 3D world of intricate puzzles, that will keep you thinking as you explore.

I think at this point, most of us are familiar with the The Room series’ game play. I say familiar, but certainly not bored! Just like the previous two games, The Room 3 dark and eerie scenes, coupled with “haunting music” keep you on the edge of your seat. If you’re into that sorta thing, this is an excellent game to play on a rainy night when you’re home alone.


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