Popup Ad Detector-Detect & Blocker free latest apk download

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Popup Ad Detector & Blocker

Popup Ad Detector comes to the rescue, it can detect:
1.Lock screen ads.
2.Home screen ads.
3.Ads over other apps.

Screenshot ImageHow it works:
When you setup, you will see a floating icon on the screen. 
The next time an ad pops up, it will indicate which app the ad is originated from. 
Then you can easily uninstall that app so no more pop up ads anymore!

In order to make Popup Ad Detector work properly, You must:
1.Grant Accessibility access.
2.Allow displaying over other apps.

Screenshot ImageKnown issues:
The floating icon might make some app not clickable. To solve this problem, you need to manually disable the floating icon, and enable it when you’ve finished using that app.

If you find the app causing pop up ads, please leave a review to let others know Popup Ad Detector do a good job!



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