Password Manager : Fingerprint & Backup Apk



This is a premium app and is completely free up to 15 password entries.
Do consider purchasing VIP to support our development.
We will continuously support the development and enhancement of this app.



  1. Professional-grade encryption.
  2. Backup passwords.
  3. Secured and offline.
  4. No internet permission required
  5. No ads.
  6. Small download size.
  7. Google Material Design.
  8. Supports up to Android 8.1 Oreo.
  9. Password generator.
  10. PIN and Fingerprint authentication.
  11. Simple & Lightweight Password Manager.





  • Brute-force PIN login prevention. 60 seconds block after 3 failed attempts.
  • Track Creation Date and Last Updated Date.
  • Dark & Light theme.
  • Scramble PIN Entry.
  • Offline Backup & Restore.
  • Search passwords.
  • Strong password generator.
  • AES-256 + SHA2 encryption.
  • Local storage. No network connection required.
  • Fingerprint access. No setup. Use the fingerprint you been using.
  • And easy to use.



  • If you supported us by purchasing VIP, your VIP status will be active on any device under the same Google account. If the VIP status do not show, tap on Validate VIP.
  • The app limits non-VIP users to only 15 passwords. No other limitation is put in place. If you are not able to purchase VIP for any reason, do reach us on our email.
  • If your device have more than one Google account, you may have trouble restoring VIP. This is a common issue for Play Store as the purchase is only tied to either one of your accounts. You need to remain one Google account on device, reinstall this app and tap on Validate VIP.
  • Passwords are not synced across devices as this is an offline app. Use Backup & Restore to manually synced to other devices.
  • As we are constantly improving the app, there may be chances that something may break on updates. It is recommended to have a backup of your passwords elsewhere.
  • New Backup & Restore feature is available to both non-VIP and VIP users. We do not plan to limit this important feature at this moment.
License Free
Language English
Author Jolly Good Life


Download Here

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