List of all computer short cut keys 2018

Here is a list of All the most used shortcut keys that work with almost all IBM computers and software. It is highly recommended that all users keep a good reference of these shortcut keys or try to memorize them.


Short Keys
F1 Help in almost every Windows program.
F2 Rename a selected file
F5 Refresh Windows
Ctrl +A Select all item
Ctrl +B Change selected text to Bold
Ctrl +C Copy selected text/data
Ctrl +V paste selected text/data
Ctrl +X Cut selected text/data
Ctrl +N open new blank page
Ctrl +O Open a file in current software program
Ctrl +I Change selected text to Italic
Ctrl +U Underline text
Ctrl +F Open search bar in every window
Ctrl +S Save file
Ctrl +X Cut text or Data
Ctrl +Y Redo last work
Ctrl +Z Undo last work
Ctrl +K Insert hyperlink for selected text
Ctrl +P Print page or document.
Ctrl +Esc Open start manu
Ctrl +Left Arrow Move a word to the left at a time
Ctrl +Right Arrow Move a word to the right at a time.
Ctrl +End Highlights from current position to end of line.
Ctrl + Shift+Esc  Open windows task manager (manual)
Ctrl +Home beginning of document.
Ctrl +Ins copy text or data like (Ctrl + C)
Alt +F File menu options in active program.
Alt +E Edit options in active program
Alt +Tab Switch between open programs
Alt +F4 Close the active program
Alt +Enter Open the Properties for the selected item
Shift +Del cut text or data like (Ctrl + X)
Shift +Ins paste text or data like (Ctrl + V)
Shift +Home Goes to beginning of active program  line.
Shift +End Highlights from current position to end of line.

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