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Big Lens Brings DSLR-Level Depth Of Field To Your Mobile Device

=== the foremost effective thanks to upgrade your movable Camera ===


“What the app will is provide you with some way to be inventive with depth-of-field, that is otherwise not possible with the Phone camera.


“If you’re the sort of person who likes to play with their photos, you ought to go pip out currently.”—


“If you’re searching for AN app to present your photos further “oomph,” then offer massive Lens a strive. 


Whether you’re a novice or professional artist, massive Lens is your secret weapon once taking shots with the Phone. varied powerful filter effects build massive Lens good for making professional-looking photos on your Phone.









==Smart Focus System==

Simply use your finger tips to focus your pictures with none previous data in Depth-of-Field. you’ll be able to use basic geometric shapes or a lasso tool to auto-focus your target, otherwise you will select advanced mode to manually outline your focus space. sensible Focus can then mechanically refine your choice with exactness.


==Aperture Control==

Adjust the aperture in massive Lens with one gesture to instantly amendment the blur level of the out-of-focus space. Larger apertures blur the background more! Offers nine distinctive lenses that permit out-of-focus light-weight points to blur into shapes like hearts and stars (Bokeh effect). This great tool turns simple-looking backgrounds into atmospherical backdrops.


==Filter Effects==

More than eighteen filters that permit you to reinforce color, increase distinction, or add Lomo effects. The result’s spectacular filter simulation results right from your Phone.


==Instant Focus/Blur Tool==

Be able to instantly modify the main target and blur space with their fingers in no time. Use easy gestures to reinforce and retouch focal areas to create the topic of your photos very pop!


==Before & once Preview==

Allow you to match before & once pictures to make sure they get the precise result they’re searching for. you’ll be able to review your pictures at any time throughout your make-over method.


==In-App Purchase Feature: Focal Separation==

Unlock the new custom filter impact functions from the in app purchase to realize the last word inventive result! currently you may be able to edit foregrounds and backgrounds with light-weight, color balance, saturation, and distinction


Big Lens



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