Big Emoji. Large emojis for chat. All Unicode – Raza Time

Enjoy +5000 awesome emojis from the Unicode & other great emoji stickers. Compatible with any chat messengers.😄

Try it now, It’s Free !

Best Features of Big Emoji App
✔ Very easy to use ; select one or several emoticons, then choose your chat messenger.
✔ Send on many social chat apps: WhatsApp emojis, Facebook emoji, Messenger emoji, emojis for android text messaging, Snapchat emojis, Telegram stickers & more. 
✔ Our emoticons can be sent on all devices (iOS, android)
✔ Customize your own background colors by swiping a finger 
✔ You can also adapt with your skin color

🆕New Emoji from Unicode 11.0

✔ 118 new emoji, including the new variations for skin tone and gender. Man and woman with Red hair, Curly hair, Bald or White hair. New Smiling Face With 3 Hearts, Hot Face, Cold Face, Partying Face, Woozy Face, Pleading Face. Superhero and Supervillain. Pirate flag, Softball, Kangaroo, llama, Parrot, Lobster, and more. 

🆕 We add new stuff regularly! 



Emojis and stickers sorted by family
🆕 Unicode 10 &11
😂 Emoji & people: smileys faces, people & signs 
🐻 Animals & nature 
📱 Objects 
⚽ Sports 
🎌 Travel & places (flags of the world)
🔣 Other symbols 
🍟 Food & drinks
🙌 Gestures (fingers in the nose…)
💘 Love: Valentine’s day stickers…
🏁 Flags: even the new Brittany! and now pirat
😎 Superheroes: star wars, batman, hulk, spiderman. 
👍 Trendy : Trump or Not Trump, exclusive DAB…



Exclusive Packages to download – FREE 
🦄 Android O new Emojis
💕 Love in black & white 
😻 Exclusive animated Cats 
😲 The standard emojis reviewed 
(◕‿◕) Kaomoji: Japanese emoticons in HD 
🏐 Football stickers pack for football fans!
😎 Stylish Emojis GIF in real 3D model 
🎂 Premium version. Removes Ads and add more functions.
🍰 Happy Thanksgiving
🎃 Happy Halloween 
🌹 Cute Halloween 
🎄 GIFs + Animals + Smileys of Christmas 

This is not an android emoji keyboard, emoticons are sent as pictures!


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