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When your WI-Fi or Data connection is on. You can use internet but when you have not internet, you can download all the web pages (In Offline Browser) you need to read during the day, then you can browse the content also when you have no WI-Fi / data connection. In this way you can also save money and mobile internet.

How to use:
1]  Add the site you can download

-if you are using your Web Browser:
-select “share” button in  menu option
-select “Offline Browser app” in the application list
if you are in main “Offline browser app” page
– click the “Plus(+)” button
– Add URL of the link and click download

2] Download pages (ONLINE)
– click the “download All” in menu to download all the sites.
– Or click the “download” option in contextual menu of a single link to sync only 1button

3) Browse downloaded pages (OFFLINE)
– select the item from the list
– navigate the downloaded pages when offline.

Remember that:
– If you want to download only one page, set depth level= 0
– if you want to download also the first level of sub-links set, depth level = 1
– if you want to download more links, increase the “Depth level”
– if you want to download sites that require authentication (like facebook) you need to authenticate yourself with the option before starting the download

If (for some site) you continue to see only the first page try these options in this order:
– increase the max links per site and max links per page.
– if the site has a mobile version, use directly the mobile URL
– try disabling java script
– in complex sites, limit the number of links to download, using the option “Only links containing the text”
that the app doesn’t work with YouTube

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