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1. Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time  is an awesome app that lets you watch latest movies and shows on your smartphone. You can either download the movie or show you wanna watch on to your device or stream it online. This is one of my favorite banned apps.
This app also delivers in terms of quality as most of the movies and shows are in HD. The app’s catalog consists of the latest movies, shows, and anime. This is a must-have for any movie buff out there!


2. Adguard

You guessed it right, Adguard is an Ad blocker for your android smartphone. It not only blocks those annoying and intrusive ads while browsing but also the in-game and in-app advertisements. Adguard also lets you protect your app’s access to the internet with the firewall.
Adguard is super simple to use with one simple button to start blocking ads and start protecting. So if you are looking for a clean and safe browsing and android experience, Adguard is an absolute must-have

3. Aptoide

What if you could download the paid applications for free? Well, that is where Aptoide comes in. Aptoide is an app market with tons of android apps, available for free. It doesn’t require any registration either and also lets users create their own ‘stores’ and share their apps.
The interface of the app is fluid and is easy to use. You can find many popular paid apps such as GTA San Andreas and much more, for free.

However, we recommend you to support the developer by purchasing the app. You could use Aptoide to test the app before you purchase.

4. Black Sensor Lite

First up on our list is this amazing Driver Assistance App which uses the smartphone’s camera and accelerometer for Lane Departure Warning System. It immediately alerts the driver when the car crosses the colored lane. Another cool feature we loved in this app is the Motion Detection, which helps prevent accidents at the pedestrian crossing.



The Altimeter app uses the barometer sensor alongside GPS and lets you know your altitude and how high up you are. This app displays the classic 3 hand analog altimeter. Though we couldn’t climb a mountain to test this app, it worked pretty accurately when climbing a five-story building.


This app is exactly what it says, a thermometer. It uses your smartphone’s dedicated ambient temperature sensor to measure the ambient temperature around you. However, if your device doesn’t have a dedicated sensor, it uses the internal temperature sensor. The result was fairly accurate when we used this app on a device which has been on standby for a while


7. Motion Sensor 

The Motion Sensor is an app that alerts you with a buzzer when it detects motion on the smartphone’s camera. This app provides a slider for adjusting the motion detection sensitivity.
The only downside of this app is that it only alerts you when a motion is detected, It would have been great if it could record or least take a picture when the motion is detected. But hey, at least it is perfect to take a nap at work and alert you when someone comes near.


8.Super Swiss Knife 

Before we get into this app, let’s get one thing out of our way, this app doesn’t contain an actual knife. However, what it contains are 12 essential tools to use in our daily life. It includes Flashlight, Height Meter, Spirit level, Ruler, Magnifier, Alarm, Compass, Heart Rate, and much more. This would one app to have on your device, you never know when you’d need the help of any of the tools.


9. Journey – Diary, Journal

The journey is the best journal app for android with great features and simple to look. This app is very easy to use. You can record your daily events, secret, and activities on this app.  It is most trustworthy diary app. The journey is a perfect journaling companion which keeps your private memories for the lifetime. It gives you full control of your private diary by storing them in Google Drive sync.

You can sync this journal app across multiple platforms like android phone, tablet, Chromebook, mac and windows laptops. You can add photos or video and pen your thoughts with this best diary app. It automatically adds weather and places to the journal entry.

You can secure your journal with PIN or password or fingerprint locking. So that no one can peek and read your personal diary without your permission. This private diary app for android can connect to Google Fit to record your fitness.

You can also share your journal entry on social media. This journal app can import entries from Diaro, Evernote, and DayOne. You can also export this diary to Word docs and print to PDF. need to upgrade to premium version to enjoy all features in the app.

Journey journaling app is my personal favorite. You will never regret installing this personal diary app.



10. Hotstar

Hotstar streams IPL matches live on your phone. The Hotstar TV app allows you to watch IPL matches from anywhere. You can also visit Hoststar website to live stream matches there. The app is free and if you pay them Rs. 190 per month for the premium subscription, you will also get exclusive movies and TV shows. But IPL streaming is also available for free users.

You should note that the Live streaming on Hotstar is always delayed by 10-15 minutes.








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